Technology Sector

In today’s business environment, having a communications network that delivers the highest levels of availability and reliability is an absolute requirement if you want a business that’s capable of sustained innovation. For many technology companies, distance collaboration is a business necessity. Effective leadership in many cases depends on the ability of its people to easily collaborate with each other.
In addition to supporting internal collaboration, networks play a critical role in interaction with customers and suppliers. Safeguarding both the customer’s and its own intellectual assets is imperative. Whether sharing latest research findings or using performance data to help shape the next generation of products, network security needs to be a “zero defect” operation. In addition to the size of today’s Wide Area Networks (WANs), mobile workers who are always on the road are growing in numbers and need constant network access. Given a wide range of necessary VPNs, remote access servers, routers and switches, today’s technology company needs to be sure that every potential ‘hop-on’ point is fully secure. Any deviations in security could have huge ramifications to the business – from loss of revenue and reputation to significant legal exposure.

Technology Solutions

Companies with a clear view of what they wanted to achieve will have to decide the vendor based on three key criteria: technical competency, experience and business commitment. A competitive due diligence in the Jordanian market will often point to CGC. In addition to having the right technical expertise and a wealth of ‘real life’ experience, CGC also comes highly recommended by its existing customer base and partners.

Many technology companies already recognize Avaya as being among the industry leaders for convergence technology and select Avaya IP Office to support all of their locations, providing reliable, high-quality voice and data communications to their customers. The solutions can comprise of hybrid switches that allows voice traffic to travel over the public switched telephone network (PSTN) or over the Internet using IP. As a result, it can allow a slower, more controlled migration to VoIP that is safer than a direct cutover.
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