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The Klavoo Dashboard for AACC/ACCS revolutionizes contact center monitoring with its cutting-edge design and real-time analytics. Tailored for modern needs, it offers unmatched customization, detailed agent insights, and comprehensive data visualization. Elevate your contact center's efficiency and responsiveness with this state-of-the-art solution.
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Callback Request

Klavoo Callback Request boosts customer engagement in contact centers by cutting wait times and improving service through smart callbacks and quick responses. It enhances user satisfaction, supports multiple languages, and integrates smoothly with Avaya systems, scaling efficiently to elevate the customer experience.
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After Call Survey

Klavoo Survey Solution transforms customer satisfaction measurement in call centers with real-time feedback and advanced analysis. Offering seamless post-call surveys and multilingual support, it provides immediate insights into service quality and agent performance, fostering enhanced customer relationships with a user-friendly approach.
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