Hospitality Sector

Hotels aim to provide guests with a comfortable, simple, memorable and reliable experience when using their facilities. The phone or “guest portal”, for example, would have to be as beautiful, functional and distinctive as every other detail in the room or hotel. The vision is to have a phone that enhances the guest experience. When a guest walks in the room and says ‘Wow!’ about the floor-to-ceiling windows, the flat-screen TVs, the beautiful white-veined marble, they should also walk up to the phone and go ‘Wow!’ This is great, too.”
The solution would also have to be rock-steady reliable. With operations continuing 24×7, the hotel requires communications and data networking that thousands of staff members and guests could count on to be there without fail, every minute of the year. Dependability to maintain a hotel’s business continuity is essential.
The sophisticated communications systems and applications would have to be transparent for guests and intuitive for use by guests and staff alike, with no distractions. In the end, the final decisions will also based on the Hotel’s need for strong relationships with its vendors.

Hospitality Solutions

With a focus on creating the ultimate guest experience, CGC starts with a whiteboard and the strong desire to find the right partners with the best technologies to allow customers to differentiate themselves from the competition, enlisting technologies and people that would help make the guest’s stay very enjoyable.

For many hotels, a triple-play implementation running voice, video and data over the same network makes the most sense. The infrastructures of the communications solution can be supported by the Avaya Communication Manager running on an Avaya S8700 Media Server and Avaya Media Gateways, coupled with HP Networks switches, providing a hotel with “intelligent communications” for high-impact and efficient operations.
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