Social Media

Social Media

Social media is currently the driving force for growth is most organizations. Being able to monitor and manage public and private communications across platforms is critical.

We work with our partners, including Freshdesk, Verint and Avaya in order to deliver the most comprehensive platform for communicating with customers and responding to their need.

With public messages , Freshdesk allow you to track every single comment across all social media channels and ensure its proper closure. Private direct messages are also tracked and closed in the same way by easily identifying the customer and allowing him to access the same information from any platform.

Unified Social Media Management

Monitor and manage both public and private interactions across platforms, ensuring consistent customer support.

Comprehensive Partnership Solutions

Leveraging partnerships with Freshdesk, Verint, and Avaya to provide an all-encompassing platform for customer communications.

 Efficient Tracking and Resolution

Track every comment and direct message, ensuring proper closure and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Cross-Platform Customer Identification

Easily identify and assist customers, providing a seamless experience across all social media channels.
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