Retail Sector

In the retail world, customer service is king. Customer service, provided over the telephone or accessible from any communication device, is an important ingredient to the overall customer experience. That is why, when retailers go looking for an IP Telephony solution, they want to find ways to enhance service. Often, retailers also want to support state-of-the-art showrooms with call centers and unique number dial-ins.

Many retail chains currently use outdated PABXs while in need of efficient means of communication between sites spread throughout different cities and countries.

Retail Solutions

An IP Telephony Solution with Avaya MultiVantage Communications Applications not only fulfill the vision of adopting the latest in communications technology, but also maximize mobility for staff by enabling unified messaging, and create enhanced customer service through customer response centers. The Avaya intelligent communications solution also provides a means of communicating between the sites spread throughout different countries.

CGC unparalleled experience in implementing converged solutions and IP Telephony platforms across different countries means that the network and WAN issues are properly planned for, translating into a solution which exceeds customer expectations.
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