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Arab Telecommunications Trading and Maintenance Company - ARTELCO is a Jordanian company based in Amman and a leader in the ICT sector.

ARTELCO follows a consultative approach and prides itself on value engineering all its design while focusing on the final customer experience faced by the end users.

With a proven track record of 40 years, ARTELCO will be there for its customers when it is most needed and will focus on it's customers success in all of its endeavours.
To provide the best technology solutions innovatively
and efficiently while meeting the highest quality
standards and fastest service times and achieving this
 with a professional team.
To be our customer's first choice for their technology
We are the sum of our collective
passion, vision and expertise.
Discover our purpose and stories that have helped shape
the Company we are today, and are inspiring the one we will become.
CGC handles high quality products from only the very best manufacturers. The reputation of companies represented is a primary consideration in our mission. Being a representative of reputable names in their respective industries, local repairs are also done in our workshop using the best test and repair tools.

CGC keeps an adequate supply of spare parts in our stocks and maintains the most up to date equipment for our engineers.
CGC maintains an electronic link with many of our principals to ensure immediate response to customer queries and problems.

We pride ourselves on our investment in resources and staff, all with the express purpose of making our solutions perform at their best.
The driving force for CGC has always been the satisfied customer. Our support and service is highly extended to meet the high standards of the brand names we represent.

We take pride in the service department we have built over the years. Our leadership in the Integrated Systems market place begins with customer satisfaction and care, underlying our commitment and overall philosophy in “Meeting Customers’ Needs”.

Our engineering facilities, sales, maintenance, repair, technical support, and quality assurance teams are “Committed to Quality”.

Our service team is dedicated to offering reliable services, operating at maximum efficiency. High level of satisfaction is CGC’s primary objective.
CGC aims to add value to its customers through “Value Engineering” thereby reducing costs without reducing specifications or operating requirements. As an independent company, we can supply the best product to meet any requirement.

We are not obliged to use a certain manufacturers’ product to meet our contractual obligations to them, nor to meet annual sales quotas. We can source any products from any manufacturer. We have outlined the foreseen operational arrangements for the successful and efficient execution of integrated projects based on the principle that the entire custom installation and integration package would be designed and managed by CGC.
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