Low Current Solutions

Low Current Solutions

We focus on low current solutions over the IP network. All low current systems can run over one easy to manager and monitor network.

For example, IPTV, IPCCTV and VoIP are systems where a digital service is delivered by using Internet Protocol. Features of IP-based solutions are far superior to their legacy low current offerings. Resolutions are much higher, reliability is enhances, and the service is customized and personalized.

For example IPTV equipment includes middleware, head-end server technologies, set-top boxes, VOD, web portals, games and other interactive IPTV applications that make up triple play.

Integrated IP Network Systems

Run all low current systems on a unified, easy-to-manage network for IPTV, IPCCTV, and VoIP.

Enhanced System Features

Superior resolution, reliability, and customizable services compared to legacy systems.

Advanced IPTV Applications

Middleware, server technologies, and interactive applications for a comprehensive IPTV experience.

Personalized and High-Resolution Services

Customizable, user-friendly services with high-quality resolutions for an improved user experience.
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