Manufacturing Sector

The manufacturing environment is always in flux as customers’ needs continue to shift toward total manufacturing systems to gain higher productivity, more sophisticated processing and stronger price competitiveness. To meet these demands, manufacturers are developing business models which consolidate consulting services (development, manufacturing, sales and services) for speed and versatility to help increase customers’ business opportunities and profits.
However, business expansion efforts generally prove challenging from a customer service perspective. To enhance and prompt customer service support, many manufacturers implement technical service centers to support telephone inquiries from field personnel and customers. Often, Manufacturers can benefit greatly from call center capabilities, especially when integrating them with customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Manufacturing Solutions

Avaya IP Telephony Solutions can interconnect more than one call centers over an existing IP Virtual Private Network (VPN) or WAN. The Avaya solution successfully works with existing CRM systems as well as existing office PBXs. For example, several Avaya offerings have out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft’s CRM. Through voice/data convergence, these solutions enable manufacturers’ technical engineers to quickly handle customer inquiries for more efficient field operations and enhanced customer satisfaction.
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