Established in 1983, ARTELCO is one of the oldest and most trusted telecommunications solutions providers in Jordan, providing a full range of services and an unparalleled standard of customer care. Composed of an expert team of consultants, ARTELCO is determined to provide customers with the best on the market. Formerly an authorized reseller and distributor for AT&T and Lucent Technologies, ARTELCO now partners with Avaya, ProCurve Networking (HP Innovation), Locatel and Packeteer.


A one-stop source for telecommunications, ARTELCO offers a variety of products and services to satisfy even the most complex organizational requirements. From IP Telephony to Wireless Mesh, clients are free to mix and match products, services, and features with the advice of ARTELCO’s certified consultants.


ARTELCO continuously aims to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction possible. As critical as its products and technologies are, nothing is more important to ARTELCO's success than the ability to build and preserve strong and lasting relationships with its clients. ARTELCO will strive to ensure that each client will become a life-long client, and will always work to earn the right to be its customer’s first choice.

Letter From the CEO

Dear clients, partners, and colleagues,

I have the privilege of sharing with you these words:

Heritage, Experience, New Technologies.

Since 1983 this is what has enabled ARTELCO to become one of the oldest and most trusted telecommunication solutions providers in Jordan. Over the past few years the company has been experiencing an upward spiral of growth in the number of clients it serves, the number of partners that have added value to the array of telecommunication solutions, and the number of employees that have joined the ARTELCO family.

As part of our growth plan we are enhancing our communication means, starting off with the launch of this website which we hope you will find useful and easy to navigate.

As you tour the site, you will notice the ease with which you will reach relevant information. One of my favorite parts of the website are the different case studies that we have chosen to share with you. These case studies are live demonstrations of how we can assist you in utilizing telecommunication technology to best meet your business goals and objectives.

We are continuously planning on updating and enhancing our website to meet your changing and dynamic business demands. Please feel free to send us your feedback regarding the website. Your opinion is very important to us.

Last but not least, having served hundreds of satisfied customers over the past 25 years, we look forward to the opportunity to serve many more in the years to come – offering the most advanced technologies, expanding our range of services, and providing an even higher standard of customer experience. With this in mind we look forward to continuously being in touch with you to see how we can better serve you.

I remain;