We pay attention in every detail and aspect of a project’s life cycle. The proper management of every project has become our duty in order to achieve the best results for you.
Through our professional approach and the high-quality skills, we have acquired from other projects, our team members are in the position to confront every risk and challenges come up. a series of tools are available to give the best possible results to our clients using a client-focused approach from concept to development.

Our Philosophy

Artelco cannot stress too strongly the importance of adopting a streamlined and professional project management approach to its projects. With careful initial planning and the adoption of sensible practices and procedures it is felt that even the most complex systems may be designed, implemented and installed promptly and efficiently.

Project Specific Structure

The Artelco Project Management Team structure will be tailored to provide an effective organization capable of managing all aspects of a project and to deliver a concise design.

The Project Manager and his team will work throughout the project to ensure the design program objectives are planned and managed within a defined operating framework that brings together all the activities and disciplines involved, thus ensuring all relevant parties are aware of project progress.

Project Team

The Project Team will be headed by a qualified Project Manager who has full responsibility to the Artelco Board and the client for implementation. All other project personnel will be selected for their proven ability to carry out their selected roles and their practical experience in undertaking similar roles.

Site Supervision

In addition to the above, Artelco carries out an initial detailed site survey, and proceeds with full time site supervision when required by fully qualified Site Managers. This is to ensure that the quality and progress of the installation works is to the agreed standards. The Site Manager will be highly experienced in IT and low current systems installations, and fully conversant with the relevant international and local standards applicable.


Artelco can provide on-site or off-site training as part of its offering. Training will be provided prior to final system acceptance and shall include the operation, data entry and programming of all systems. Training shall be conducted by suitability qualified engineers and where necessary employees of the manufacturer. Training can be divided into
multiple sessions to be conducted on separate days. Training classes shall be designed to accommodate a limited number of Client representatives to ensure maximum benefit.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

As part of its offering, Artelco can offer a Planned Preventative Maintenance Program to the client whereby Artelco engineers will visit the client’s site periodically to service, test and clean the entire system to ensure that it remains in a state of operational readiness.