Locatel is a leading company in development and implementation of HD and IPTV hotel systems, European leader in integration of interactive systems and solutions and the first who offered HD systems. Goal of Locatel business is to match the requirements of clients and partners to contribute to common goal – satisfied users and thus Locatel are dedicated to follow Locatel’s partners from the first stages of the project in order to keep them informed all the time, assist them choose most appropriate solution, implement the solution and offer the complete technical support… With 50 years of experience, using Locatel’s own research and knowledge, Locatel have developed a wide range of innovative products and solutions that are becoming essential in today’s modern business in hotels, hospitals, banks and other institutions where there is a need to communicate with guests and clients at a very high technological level.

Locatel is an international provider of digital content, technology, support and services that deliver entertainment and revenue generation tools via the hotel television. But in reality, Locatel offer much more than that. Our tailor-made, on-demand digital TV solutions help hoteliers by providing a unique communications system that meets the evolving lifestyles of guests. This enables hotels to increase the level of service offered to their guests, which in turn leads to increased occupancy and enhanced yield.