Contact Center Solutions

As contact centers are often the central point in an enterprise from which all customer contacts are managed, choosing the right contact center partner is critical. Avaya provides contact center solutions to over two-thirds of the fortune 500 companies. Whether it is a pure voice call center or a multi-media contact center including online calling and web chat, e-mail, faxes or any other form of interaction, Avaya will be able to satisfy your needs.

Technical Specifications

Some contact centers—perhaps yours—have already made the switch to VoIP and are just beginning to realize the benefits available through such a conversion. An IP contact center leverages IP technologies to flatten and consolidate contact center infrastructure, removing expensive network charges and running many locations from one centralized set of applications (or maybe two for redundancy).

It is this “many locations” benefit that can give contact centers a competitive advantage that was never before possible. Home agents, satellite locations, outsourced resources, and resident experts are easily added as extensions to the same contact center, all while maintaining centralized management and reporting. Contact center agents at branch offices can now have affordable access to the rich suite of contact center applications because these applications no longer have to reside on site.